Air filter cleaning. What do you use?

So here is the problem..Cleaning your air filter can be a messy and time consuming job at the best of times. Solvents and fuel seem to have been the past favourites according to our riders. Offroad Orange Spain have been using ‘Motorex of Switzerland’ products on all our bikes and can confidently say that they keep our bikes looking and running perfectly. Fuel on the air filter can over time dissolve the glues bonding the filter together so it’s a definite no no! Filter cleaning solvents do the job but again its messy and you can never be sure it gets all the non oil based dirt out. Introducing ‘Motorex Liquid Power’ filter oil and ‘Motorex Bio Dirt Remover’ filter cleaner.

The ‘Motorex Liquid Power’ is an easy to apply filter oil that gives good coverage and intake protection. It traps the dirt, dust and prevents casual water entering the port & its bio degradable! Enter the ‘Motorex Bio Dirt Remover’ filter cleaner. It is a powder much like simple detergent but when added to HOT water it disolves the filter oil and removes the dust, dirt and muck filtered out from the air.

We use both products and as the picture shows it it works. There is no residue left behind and the green tint of the filter oil ensures your don’t miss any areas. Both products are available at KTM dealers.

We will be covering other Motorex products we use so watch this space.

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